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Vintage Television and Video Vintage television and video equipment, programmes, VCRs etc.

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Default 2020 Early Television Museum Sweepstakes

The Early Television Museum is running a sweepstakes to raise funds. Prizes are a RCA CT-100 color TV set, a Col-R-Tel color converter, and a Philco Predicta Princess.

The drawing will be on September 30.

Here is a link that has details.
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Default Re: 2020 Early Television Museum Sweepstakes

What a good idea! I have wanted a Predicta since I saw one on the front of Practical Television magazine ! I must have been around 10 at the time and the magazine was older than me! If someone in the UK won though wouldn't shipping be a problem? Especially with the RCA!

I see in the collection of British sets you have a Baird Townsman that is a rare set here let alone the USA!
I have looked over the years for one but the odd one I saw was very expensive and miles away. I had a near miss a few years back one turned up in a local furniture auction but some fool had removed the original chassis and tube and cobbled something else in! Still an old chassis but not the original. I guess back then they thought it was easier than repairing the Baird.
More recently a cabinet turned up on ebay in lovely condition but sadly empty!
Oh well.. one day?!
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Default Re: 2020 Early Television Museum Sweepstakes

Good luck, Steve, you have a tremendous operation there. Went for my second visit in 2018 and it's better than ever! Well worth supporting (even if there's shipping problems for a UK punter) and I will be taking part!

One day we will have something of the same quality in the UK and we hope that we might be able to do that. Watch this space . . . !

Your RCA TV truck must be the oldest surviving unit in the world and it was really inspiring to see it. We were very impressed that it's survived and now safe and sound under cover.

Best regards,

Paul Marshall
Broadcast Engineering Conservation Group
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