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Default Model 3V38 - Looking for advice

Iíve been offered a Ferguson Videostar, in reasonably good nick, apart from the fact it plays for a few seconds and then stops.

Before I agreed to anything, I wanted to know if this was a common fault, brought on by tired belts. Iíve never worked on a VCR before, but Iím no stranger to taking stuff apart. Sometimes when I put them back together, I even find I donít have any screws left over

Just looking for advice.
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Default Re: Model 3V38 - Looking for advice

I've never had one, but worked on JVC-based models from that era (early half of the 1980s).

I think your supposition may be correct, or that the rotation of the take-up spool isn't being sensed correctly.

I suspect a full service and replacement belts/idlers would restore it to good health, but I must reiterate that I'm not an expert, just a keen dabbler.
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Default Re: Model 3V38 - Looking for advice

It could be something simple like the take up spool not rotating in play mode. Try and have a look with the top removed.
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Welsh Anorak
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Default Re: Model 3V38 - Looking for advice

As Martin suggests. it's more likely to be the idler than belts if it does actually play and show a picture for a few seconds. Then it's staightforward fault finding - put it in pause and see if it stops. If not it'll be the take-up not working or its sensor. If it stops before it starts, if you see what I mean, then the loading belt is to blame. I'd get the machine as it shouldn't be too difficult to get going again.
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