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Default Right or wrong?

If you have a repair in which a part is basically irreplaceable, is it right or wrong to go out and buy a working unit and use it to repair the non working unit?

Obviously you maybe taking a chance on a 2nd hand unit that may have a fault.

Or should you be telling the customer that they should just buy another 2nd hand unit and scrap the original?

Customer thinks that their unit is worth twice to three times what it actually is, so financially in their eyes they are quids in.

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Default Re: Right or wrong?

You're weighing two intangibles here - i) the sentimental value to the customer of his unit over a whole replacement working one versus ii) the idea that if you have a really good working unit you shouldn't sacrifice it to save a duffer. I'm not sure there's a big difference between them. The difference might come down to the particular details in your case (rarity, what the options might be for using the non-worker of which there's always going to be one, what the next-best replacement component might look like etc ...).

Just my two penn'orth of course.


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Default Re: Right or wrong?

Also depends on what the item is. If you are talking about replacing a faulty chassis with a working one but keeping the old case etc. then who's to know?

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Lloyd 1985
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Default Re: Right or wrong?

One option, but the working one and swap the cosmetic parts over! One thing I have done in the past is to buy a working unit just to take out a particular part and copy it, I did this in an old Sony cassette deck, one of the gears had stripped its teeth, so I bought another just to remove the gear and make a silicone mould of it, but as yet I still haven’t got round to casting a new one!

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Default Re: Right or wrong?

I think you should discuss the matter with your customer, explaining the options available, and let them come to a decision.
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