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Default British TV sound IF Frequency

Not having ant data on the British TV early/late sound IF frequencies;
can anyone tell me if any other sets ezcept the early US made sets used a 21 MC sound IF?

I am trying to build a tuner subber for the early US sets (Have 5 I am repairing) and need a 21 MC sound IF tuner for the project.

Sadly, I am not having much luck here in the states trying to locate one out of a "parts set".

If any of the British- or other- made sets used this sound IF freq, I'd like to give it a go at adapting one of these tuners for my project.


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Default Re: British TV sound IF Frequency

Hello Frank,
I cannot recall a single British set that used a 21mc i.f. The nearest we got to this was 16/19mcs that was used on most sets just into the band 3 era around 1955/56. There were many odd i.f. frequencies but the chances of finding a set even with those is almost zero. They were only used with fix tuned band 1 only sets. Regards John.
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Arrow Re: British TV sound IF Frequency


ISTR hearing about very early UK TVs using a 14 Mc. IF But I've never heard of a 21Mc. IF in a UK TV. What I have heard of is 21Mc. as an IF being used in radar & UHF receiving equipments - but nothing specific springs to mind (yet!).

Al / Skywave
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Default Re: British TV sound IF Frequency

Hi Frank,

As John says there are lots of 50s sets with 19.5MHz sound IFs and a few with 23.5 MHz.

The nearest to your needs is 21.5 MHz which was used on English Electric model 1550 and 1550M for channel 2 and 4 reception areas. The Channel 1 sets had their IFs tuned to 20 MHz.

I suspect it would be easier to modify something else than to track down a 1550.

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