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Default Anyone remember a radio shop in Maidenhead

After reading various posts about long lost radio shops I thought I'd start this thread.

As a young lad I used to spend almost all of my pocket money at a small radio shop in Maidenhead, if I remember correctly on Queen Street, it was a long time ago.

They would sell individual components and I remember how I bought my first electric soldering iron, much to the displeasure of my parents and also my first valve, I think it was a DAF91 for a one valve receiver buit in a plastic sandwich box.

Unfortunately I have forgotten the name of the shop, alas probably long since gone, I couldn't find it on my last visit to Maidenhead. Does anyone by chance know what the shop was called?
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Default Re: Anyone remember a radio shop in Maidenhead

RK audio (later, and video), they went quite a while ago. The last thing I got from them was a stylus for the misses (miss, plural) Bolting (sisters of the famous director) for their radiogram. Five minute job, three hour visit, eating home made cake, drinking sherry, and listening to some very saucy tales, good thing that I walked there! They died a few months later within a week or so of each other, I am glad to have given them some music for that time. I didn't want or need paying (the stylus was 2.75, why do I remember that?) even so I got a 5 M&S voucher in the post, bottle of wine time.

Absolute game girls even in their 80's, thank you for reminding me, big smile on face now. That must have been before 2000.
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Default Re: Anyone remember a radio shop in Maidenhead

My local shop was in Chesterfield near horns bridge , the chaps name was Jack Tweedy, I used to take a walk down to the shop of an evening just to look at the window display of ex WD stuff there were things like 1155s sp600 etc , plus all sorts of components and some new stuff, Happy days indeed ,never to repeated sadly , I must have been about eleven /twelve years old , Where has all the time gone Mick.
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Default Re: Anyone remember a radio shop in Maidenhead

Ex WD stuff. There used to be many of these fascinating shops piled with junk. They all had that unmistakable smell rather like the inside of an army tank or a HMV wind up gramophone.
Another memory of London Road Kingston upon Thames and Merton High Street from my much younger days. John.
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