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Television Standards Converters, Modulators etc Standards converters, modulators anything else for providing signals to vintage televisions.

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Old 7th Mar 2023, 2:30 pm   #21
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Default Re: Crystals for David Looser Modulator

If of interest I have 53.225 and 56.8 ; it might be possible to move them a bit with some
extra L and/or C, you are welcome to PM.
Home, home again - I like to be here when I can
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Default Re: Crystals for David Looser Modulator

Pm sent as found a pair, but both 50khz lf.
Took a time before I could do anything, as one banana box of crystals was not easy to get to. Requiring a shift around of gear in the garage today, as dry and a little warmer outside.
Said box now installed on the coffee table in the lounge. Methinks not for long though!
Will see if I can find the 40.300 for the other member with a Wanted post as well.

There are literally thousands here, a lot just loose in bags, but quite a few pre-sorted into bags covering 1MHz spread.
Another box I have is mostly the HC18/u wire end, from maybe 8 to 90 Mhz, mostly individual or multiple same frequency in paper envelopes. When I lifted off the pile, the bottom fell out and most envelopes mixed themselves up on the floor!
I won't write what I said!
At least, this exercise has opened my mind a little as to what the task before me would be if I should ever try sorting into meaningful bags.

I am also interested in and collect 00 model railway. My avatar is Bruiser, he has cauliflower ears!
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