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Default Re: Drawing Trader Sheets back in the day.


Yes, there was a stencil made by A. West & Partners under their "Uno" Brand for drawing Electronic Circuit Symbols, these were Refs. BB4 and BB5, I think I have a pair of these hidden away somewhere but I just can't find them at the moment!

They were designed to the slid along the top of a T–square an d the symbols drawn using the specified size of Uno Pen, then the lines added to join up all the symbols afterwards.

Easy enough for a trained draughtsman with semi–transparent drawing medium and a background grid underneath!

Amongst the publications that used these Stencil Templates were:-

a) B.B.C. Theory Papers and Engineering literature for their Valved Equipment;

b) Two books by Davie and Parr, "The Technical Writer", and "The C.R. Oscilloscope and it's Applications";

c) Solartron's Circuit Diagrams for their Valved Oscilloscopes;

d) E.R.T. Service sheets used them up until the late 1950s, then sent over to "Murphy Radio–esque" symbols which were hand–drawn after that;

e) Thorn/BRC used Uno Symbol stencils, but the heavy infilling they used on valve cathode–bars did tend to disguise them somewhat!

Of the UK technical magazines, only "Electronic Engineering" used Uno Electronic Symbol Stencils, all the other magazines had their own specially made stencil templates.

I can assure everyone that the standard lettering fonts used in those days were Uno tho!

Chris Williams
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