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Default Re: New SC/MP II system

The first programmable device or system I ever programmed was the Elektor (as it is known in the UK) simple SC/MP system with DIP switches for address and data input and LEDs for address display and data display. It belonged to a friend who had started to build it at about the same time as I ordered my MK14.

As we now know, Science of Cambridge (later Sinclair) were very bad at delivering systems on time so I think I had to wait many months, and in the meantime I used that little Elektor system to become more familiar with the SC/MP. I know that the Elektor system was eventually expanded into a fairly serious system but my friend never took his further than that initial stage.

Over here in the UK we especially like the Elektor / Elektuur style of PCB artwork which is good enough to put on the wall because it looks so good.

There are quite a few of us here who own original MK14s, or replica MK14s, or in some cases both.
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