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Michael Haardt
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Default New SC/MP II system


this looks like the place for remaining SC/MP users. I can't say for how long I wanted to build a system with this CPU and finally got to do it:

I recovered programs from the Elektor data records ESS-002 and ESS-004 and wrote some test programs to verify hardware operation. I believe I have all published articles to possibly recover all programs from ESS-001, although those are mostly for use with Elbug and HEXIO. I have kitbug working, built from original source and with a fix for the set 8th bit bug when it echoes input plus modified for 600/1200 baud (2/4 MHz). I did not yet attempt to build and run NIBL.

The bus control used may be useful in case you want to build a CPU card for an S100 or ECB system.

Have fun!

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