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Default Re: Revox PR99 Keeps Blowing Fuse

Hi All,

I believe the problem is the rectifier connected to the fuse in question.

The test results below are taken with the rectifier still soldered to the PCB. MM in diode mode.

With + probe of MM on - of rectifier:

- to AC pin 1 - 001
- to AC pin 2 - 663

With - probe of MM on + of rectifier:

+ to AC 1 pin 1 - 663
+ to AC 2 pin 2 - 636

Same test on the other rectifier gives readings of around 650 throughout.

Markings on the original Rectifier are KBPC1-01 204. I was going to replace them with these. what do you think:

For the two capacitors:

Any thoughts on a good replacement for the RIFA cap? (0.47 uf150v 60Hz)

I tested the 3 caps behind the mains cable socket and they all appear ok.

Thanks so much guys.

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