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Default Re: Anglow of Norwich

The only one (and the only Anglow product) I could find online looks distinctly blue - -

so I expect the colours are different, this one's decidedly somewhere between blue and green. There's no lamp inside mine, just the front panel neon which is switched by the thermostat. Winters (without inviting a climate change discussion!) just aren't what they were, I lived a couple of miles from here in my '60s childhood and clearly remember too Jack Frost's icy patterns inside the bedroom window: nothing of the sort now in our unheated and single glazed bedroom, even frost outside is a rare event.

The heating coil is strung between frames that look somewhat asbestossy but probably stable. I'll take the mesh base off for a good view and clean out before long, not something to be done very often as it's secured in place just by four bent aluminium tabs which might not survive being bent and unbent very many times.
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