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Default Re: AC/ DC radios live chassis.

This subject keeps raising its problematic head from time to time. Each time my response has been much the same.
Into the 3rd decade of the 21st century, electrical safety is paramount. So folk saying that because they worked on 2 wire, unfused, un-determined chassis potential, Radios & TV's, back in the day - so there is no real harm nowadays, gives the wrong message to aspiring younger entrants into the vintage radio fraternity. So, repairing/restoring vintage AC/DC sets with a view to having them working off the mains within a household - 3 wire modern correctly colour-coded flex and the chassis fully earthed so that it passes a PAT Test. Or - fed from a decent modern DC Bench Power Supply. Or - fed from an isolation T/F within a safe workshop & placed on a shelf high enough for "little Johnny" or any child or careless adult not to be able to poke or prod.
Yep, be proud of your lovely(e.g.) bakelite DAC90 & all the hours you spent restoring it - but hey - just admire it sitting on a high shelf somewhere. Doing one up & then flogging it on eBay for the over-priced megabucks you require, with just a "traditional" two-wire supply - - that's greed overcoming safe practices.

Regards, David
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