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Default Re: Pye P114BQ Jewel case Speaker transformer

Originally Posted by ronbryan View Post
I have an Elstone MTO replacement output transformer from a Pye P131MBQ, which has a DL96 output valve as does the P114BQ. The transformer mounts on the speaker and being a replacement type has ratios of 80:1 or 42:1. The P131MBQ + MTO used 80:1. Primary resistance of 770 ohms for 80:1, around 350 ohms for 42:1.

The trademark Elstone green paint is peeling from the sides of the lamination clamp, which appears to be galvanised underneath. 8 plus p&p if interested. I can take a photo if you want more detail.

That sounds like it might do the trick Ron.
A picture would be good but i think it will be fine regardless.
Again this is not for me its for someone who is restoring this radio so will need to check with him first .
Thank you.
Oh I've had that for years dear!!
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