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Default Re: Grundig TK27 - Low audio output

well, had some time on the weekend, and did the following.

Slowly brought up the TK23 that has been sitting for at least a decade, and it actually plays really well !! was bought for spares.

So, removed the head from the TK23 and installed it in the problem child the TK27 and now the TK27 plays clearly, and seems consistent, the volume is low !!! So its not the head !

There is a loud hiss, from the speaker, when play is not pressed, and its proportionate to the volume control. Its also there when playing and is most likely the cause of the low volume output.

Made a video, hope you can take a look at this hissing, there is also buzzing sounds at random.. most likely a resistor is breaking down ?

Pushing the record button causes all sorts of loud bangs, pops and crackle, which is not good. Wonder if the gap between the contact that looks like its almost touching could be one of the problems.

Anyway, i will put the TK27 head into the TK23 next and try and do some voltage comparisons... or take the TK23 switch box out and compare it to the TK27 to check for correct gaps.........its taking so much time....
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