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Arrow My recent posts - and prospective ones.

Just a precautionary post.

I am aware of the Forum Rules, in particular section D, sub-rule 8:

The posting of sale or wanted messages is a privilege offered to regular forum members only. If, in the opinion of the moderators, you are only here to trade and not to become involved in other discussions, your posts may be deleted and your access to the forum may be restricted.

Recently, most of my posts to the Forum refer to items I have for sale. Money received helps me finance my hobby. I have reached the point where I need to dramatically reduce the amount of surplus items that are cluttering up my workshop. Consequently, my selling posts at the Forum are likely to continue for quite some time. Now bearing in mind the above Forum Rule, I do not want the moderating team to draw the conclusion that I have now morphed into that of a trader, using the Forum only for that purpose. I visit the Forum on a daily basis and if I read a post to which I can constructively contribute, I will do so. I value my membership of the Forum highly and will not consciously do anything which might jeopardise that membership.
To conclude: if the moderating team reach the conclusion that my selling activity has become ‘disproportionate’, please let me know: I will amend my Forum postings accordingly.

Thank you.
Al. / April 5th.
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