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Default Re: Grundig TK27 - Low audio output

Well, the long story has a very happy ending !!

The wire from at6 to the PCB connecting to (R121,R123,C109) had broken off and was hiding ! Soldered it back, cleaned the contacts again, traced the wire with my multi-meter and its recording in stunning fashion, and of course playback is also stunning.

Also the same wire (other channel) from at 2.6 was off, but i had soldered this previously. So i though i found all the broken wires, guess not

I will make a video of it recording and playing back when i get time, but this is one of the best sounding and compact units they made.

The amp has way more power than the little speaker, and will connect an external one day.

Note: it does not record on tracks 2-3, using the track selector switch, but "stereo" and "tracks 1-2" work fine.

Summay of problems:

Low volume caused by at1.4 not contacting well, due to me opening the gap up.

Also maybe re-soldering every joint on the board helped.

Finally record problem was fixed after i re-soldered the wire i broke at 6, as mentioned.

Now life can continue and time to pack for Sydney.

Huge thanks to Lawrence for giving me the manual, and Davids feedback since the start. This is one stunning unit..
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