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Default Spirit dye reccomendations?

I thought I'd share my experiences of using Liberon's spirit wood dye, the "new ethanol based formula". And also ask if anyone knows of something better?

I thought spirit dyes didnt raise the grain like water based ones do, this does however!

The directions are to apply liberally, allow it to penetrate, then wipe off excess. As opposed to water based dyes it's a single treatment process.

Following those instructions, I have a piece that was perfectly smooth before, sanded to 600 grit in stages, and cleaned with a brush and white spirit cloth. And it now feels very rough, as if I'd applied something water based! The areas where the grain has raised to a greater degree are also darker, and overall the coverage has proven less consistent than when using a water based dye.

The other issue is this doesn't seem to penetrate like a spirit dye should. Granted, it does a slightly better job of this than water based dye, but light sanding to alleviate raised grain is a risky business and you can end up with lighter patches. Cellulose sealer is also incompatible and lifts the dye.

I havent used any other "spirit" dyes, only read about them. Is there any particular brand or formula I should be looking for?

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