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Default Re: Radio & TV books Volume No's confusion

I think that the actions of Vidjoman and now Electron Pusher vindicate the feelings that many of us had earlier that the Service Book publications were a bit of a nightmare. On the other hand it's nobody's fault. We can't really put ourselves fully in the commercial world that others inhabited back then when really, being able to repair things made information a strong source of income.

It's just like now, except even what you had for breakfast has a value-not the porridge itself but the very knowledge that you like it! I must admit that I have spent a lot of time with these radio volumes trying to work out the sequence and giving myself a serious headache. I think Chas Miller was the first major clarifier with his article in The Radiophile Magazine , after years of confusion but publishing is a moving target as others suggest. The impressive thing is that if you have the time to just look at even one volume, the attention to detail is so impressive. It won't get in the British Museum though

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