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Default Re: Beovision 7102 CRT TV,schematic/advice please

I don't know this set at all or what CRT it uses, but back in the 90's I was regularly seeing sets (mainly smaller screen types) with scan coil failure due to arcing, caused by corrosion where the rubber wedges go. It seems that after a while the wedges start to deteriorate and in doing so release some chemical that then dissolves the coating on the copper, resulting in arcing and eventual shorted windings. The usual failure mode was that the set would come in the the Horizontal output transistor short-circuit. Relplacement would result in arcing and a repeat problem.

I'm not saying this is your problem, but other than this problem I found scan coil failure to be rare. If yours is wedged on it might be worth removing the wedges to see if there is any evidence of decomposition.
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