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Default Re: Translucent Tuning Dial 'knobs' - re-manufacture?

Originally Posted by Jolly 7 View Post
Do you know what the capacitance values of the gang condenser are in the Rhapsody ?

Your enthusiasm for AM radios is actually quite infectious and it makes me want to start building some AM radios again!

With your radio work it is very important that you have a good capacitance meter for measuring pF range capacitances, so you can check values yourself for your experimental work.

Over 15 years ago I got a very good meter from AES in the USA, they are not too expensive either. I had a look and they still sell exactly the same meter.

Because these work so well they have become very popular with vintage radio enthusiasts and radio restorers in the USA. There may be a supplier in the UK, but AES have a very good mail order system to ship worldwide:

I recommend you get this meter and you will end up using it countless times.
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