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Default Re: Veneering a 13,000 turntable.

Originally Posted by Gabe001 View Post
David, how are you going to remove the existing veneer? I suppose heat application to melt the glue in some form or another?

I've never had to veneer a curved surface, so would be interested to hear how you get on.

It dates from 1948, so I'm pretty sure it will be animal glue that will melt on heating and I guess some of it will splinter off anyway. Otherwise, it will be a sharp chisel and some elbow 'grease'.

As it's such a tight curve, the veneer (which is only 0.6mm thick), when bent against the grain would be under stress and it's rather a lot to expect of it to not splinter if just glued clamped and for it not to protest. I guess that's what Murphy did and why it's not stood the test of time.

Hence, I'll make a 'caul' - a wooden template to the same side profile of the cabinet front, and will steam the top 75mm of veneer and clamp it in place around the caul and leave it overnight to take the desired shape. then glue it in position. The front is two pieces of veneer joined vertically which makes it less challenging to bend. (the front is 50cms wide and 30cms high).

I'll post a thread in due course when I get on with it. I'll most likely restore the cabinet before the radio itself.
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