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Default Re: Grundig TK20 and Truvox R82. Help Required Please.

Could be David, I've just played a tape for nearly an hour and a half at 3.75 ips with no slowing at all. It just seems to be the 7.5 ips speed that has the slowing problem. It looks like one of two possible problems; the first is the motor itself which when playing at 3.75 ips is using the smaller step in the pinion which will be easier for the motor to drive the idler than the 7.5 ips step which is larger diameter which puts more stress on the motor to turn the idler and the flywheel (there is one idler for each speed), so it could be the motor is just not as powerful as it was. The second is the rubber on the idler wheel which may have gone hard and not have the grip on the pinion and the flywheel that it would have if it was a bit softer; or the idler assembly itself is not applying the pressure it should. The down side to all these scenarios is that it would mean major dismantling to get to these parts which I just don't think is worth the effort, even assuming I could source the parts.
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