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Default Re: Grundig TK20 and Truvox R82. Help Required Please.

Well I've re-soldered the resistor connections - but no change, but when I switched on I noticed that although in play mode the motor was spinning, the idler wheel wasn't. So I've cleaned everything again, flywheel, idler wheels, and this time the motor pinion as well which seemed to have a black line around it. The result is now that it plays without reducing speed, at least up to now, but it is still slow at 7.5ips to the tune of half a tone, 3.75ips is fine. Maybe the motor has lost a bit of its power! (I know the feeling!) I'm coming to the conclusion that I've done everything I can and the real reason is that it is just old, and like us as we grow older we do everything a bit slower, so for that reason I think I'll settle for what I've got which is a 60 year tape recorder that was defunct which is now working thanks to everyone's efforts on here. At least I can hear the tapes of my band even if they a half a note low!

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