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Default Re: Baird T5 restoration project.

Originally Posted by FERNSEH View Post
Hello Jac,
I used Gorilla wood glue, the best glue I've ever used. Made in the USA.
Gorilla market a wide range of adhesives. There's one for every job.

"For the toughest jobs on Planet Earth"

The best glues available for woodworking and re-veneering especially, come from the Luthier's suppliers (Usually Stewart MacDonald), I use Titebond.

I have never warmed to many of the Gorilla glue products as they evolve gas and foam up while setting.

It is impossible to beat Titebond for re-veneering, it acts like a far superior PVA:

The Luthier suppliers have always had more advanced glues due to the difficulties of restoring musical instruments. They also have excellent woodworking tools too that are difficult to get elsewhere.
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