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Default Re: Peto Scott Transistor Portable Radio

Checked the battery connections, the four C size batteries are wired is series so that -6V is connected to electronics supply rail and to the loudspeaker, with battery +ve to ground (so different from the PP11 arrangement of 4.5V+ 4.5V with -9V going to electronics rail and -4.5V going to the loudspeaker).

Fitted batteries and powered up OK. Not a lot of decent tuneable stations, 1 on LW and 3 on MW. Quality not bad but a little noise in background, plenty of volume available. This is with the internal ferrite rod aerial, not tried an external aerial (do not have anything suitable).

The Defiant A55 (Later version) drawing shows an earphone socket near the aerial socket, which I assume is the external loudspeaker socket shown on the A55 schematic.
This does not exist on the Peto Scott and I cannot remember my parents radio having an earphone socket.

The tuning cursor sometimes gets stuck, so I will later remove the radio from its case to investigate.


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