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The PC use of the control codes is totally different from their original ASCII meaning, where, for example Ctrl-C is ETX (end of text). Ctrl-G was BEL (ring the bell) in ASCII, on things like the Teletype Model 33 it mechanically rang a little bell inside. On the electronic Teletype 43 there was a solenoid-operated bell (and as a total aside, on the DEC VT5x series of terminals like the well-know VT52, the keyclick was produced by a little relay on one of the boards, the bell consisted of feeding a square wave to this relay so that it buzzed).

There is no control in baudot/murray code (both techincally incorrect names for ITA2). The figure shift of J rang the bell though (or closed a pair of contacts to operate an electric bell)

I seem to remember the early Apple Macintosh machines had 'command' key, often called 'splat' due to the symbol on it, and command-C was cut, command-V was paste, etc. I think Windows simply copied the same letters. But it's been a long time since I used such a machine.
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