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Originally Posted by Julesomega View Post
Here's another of the Hongkong cheapo variety which was aimed at the more enthusiastic aircraft spotters: it has a squelch control to save on brain and battery power. The bands are interesting: Air + Weather + 'Public Band' (not sure why they always called it that), then Band I TV + Band II FM, and then a novelty of a 'CB' Band: in this case it covered something like 21.5 - 31MHz. The exact type number has worn off the rear label during a short but active life, which has seen an aerial repair and the removal of the control knobs

It has the necessary wrist strap, and is unusually large and heavy for this class of receiver
That looks familiar! I had 2 of those, one branded Joysonic, the other was Eurosonic. Otherwise identical. All-transistor circuit.

The 'Public Band' I think refers to the American public safety channels on VHF; they also had some on UHF.

Mine had a weather channel marked at 162.5MHz.

I quite liked these sets. Cheap 'n' cheerful, without being rubbish. The reproduction on FM was sweeter than on other portables I had, possibly due to de-emphasis circuitry being designed for the USA. (Or omitted entirely!)

For any restorers or careful if connecting external DC power, as the socket is identical and next to the earphone socket.
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