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Default Re: I found it! A very sorry looking MK14.

If you really want to replace those TI sockets, then the easiest thing to do to minimise damage to PCB tracks is usually to pull the tops off first, leaving the pins behind. You can then just heat each pin up and pull out one-by-one.

Back in the 80's, I used this to remove lots of these from some surplus PCB's, and then reassembled the sockets to reuse as I didn't have any stocks of sockets (well I was still at school then, and Maplin shops had only just started to open around the country / didn't want to pay Tandy's prices!)

You may also be able to clean pins and carefully push the tops back on.

Although these TI sockets never had tight grip pins, I didn't have any trouble with them back then. And I still use some very similar looking DIL16 & DIL14 Cambion ones (with 2 Kapton tape strips on underside to stop solder going into socket contacts, rather than single white plastic piece on TI ones), that I bought a few hundred for a few pence each from a surplus place in the early 90's.

Some contact cleaner spray into sockets, and cleaning of IC pins may also work quite well. Even just lifting IC's and re-inserting a few times may work for a while.
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