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Default Re: I found it! A very sorry looking MK14.

Excellent that you have found the documentation - especially the daughter board.

I shall look forward to more updates on the project... and I am sure we will all render opinion as needed


Originally Posted by Buzby123 View Post
Thanks for your ideas.

Regarding losing my 'custom mods', the 5mm LEDs and switches on the panel connect to the 8154 via the edge-connector, so they will still work.

The 7-seg display LEDs are connected with a plug and socket, so they will still connect as before.

The keyboard again is on the normal edge connector, so no change there.

The only part of the daughter board that affected the front panel was the single-step switch, and as none of the toggle switches were labeled, I don't see that as a major problem.

Regarding removing the IC sockets, using a powered desolderer definately sounds like the best route. I'll look into them.

Also, I've found the original manual, the instructions for the cassette interface, an update leaflet for the 'revised' monitor, and a few other pages about programming.

To top that, I found my notes for building the daughter board, including a description of the 32 way connector.

I'm back on track again !.


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