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Default Re: Telequipment D67 Fault

David, no beam finder button (nor stability control) on the D67.
Mike, when you remove these transistors, are you checking them? No need for a full transistor tester (you may not have one), but simply checking the two diode junctions for conduction and insulation is a 99% assured test on silicon junction transistors.
Maybe time to recap.
You did set all controls as per the instruction manual?
You confirmed Y deflection by measuring the CRT plate voltages as you moved the Y shift?
You confirmed X deflection or otherwise as suggested earlier?
We have confirmed CRT high voltages are present (seeing the spot did that).
I have advised how to make the unblanking circuit safe for scope tests.
Finally let me repeat the last line of my first reply:-- "One other very common problem with the D67 series. The PCB is double side print, and the thro links (rivets in TQ speak) are regular dry joint sites. Carefully reflowing the thro links solves VERY MANY D67 faults."

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