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Default Re: Current State of UK -> USA/Canada post?

I regularly buy stuff thro Ebay, and find that whilst some are slow to post things, others are quick, and if is the norm for stuff posted in UK one day to arrive with me here in the Isle of Man the following day. Recently however a,most everything is taking longer than usual, though my stuff posted to UK seems to be generally next day still.
Right now, the PO and the police are spending extra time and effort checking (sniffing maybe) incoming packages. With the island having closed borders right now, no air or sea passengers bringing in the nasty stuff. Last week we posted a package of Manx Garlic (Ransoms) to my wife's daughter in Scotland. I joked that the sniffer dogs would react, and she would need to "Come to the office to collect", and have to open it to check for drugs. NOTHING can out stink Ransoms. But it was delivered without fuss.
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