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Default Re: GEC Selectest Super 50 Mk2 fifty year MOT

Re. Andrew's query, having seen photos of the internals of a period Selectest, the design approach is rather different to an Avo of the same vintage. As regards the former the shunts look to be set out in a more orderly and more accessible fashion, but i got the impression the movement was not particularly accessible by comparison with Avo.

I believe the air ministry would have had contracts with both companies, since one version of the Selectest has identical ranges and facilities (and scale increments) to a Model D Avo.

The glass, then,seems to be prone to coming loose in both designs. With what seems to be improved glue in the '60's, some Avometer Model 8 MkIII's left the factory without the metal clips retaining the glass....which can and should be retro-fitted as a safeguard.

I have nothing against the Selectest, have been tempted occasionally. Silly prices get asked for smart older examples.

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