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Default Re: GEC Selectest Super 50 Mk2 fifty year MOT

Selectest 50 fan here, too- I like the lightness, big clear glass and scale numbering over the Bakelite AVO 8s, though the plastic body, PCB- equipped AVO 8s of MkV on are probably lighter than the Selectest. Surprised really that the GEC product wasn't more popular. Yes, the glass on mine came unstuck too, but not too much of an ordeal to re-stick. The Melamine (?) case on my Mk2 has faded to a fetching pale pink- much nicer than the sober lab grey of the Mk3!

Slightly OCD question- the Selectest 50s generally seen have, like early AVO 8s, 1-2.5-10 voltage range incrementing, I have a vague feeling that the very late Mk3s (or the PO issue thereof?) may have used a 1-3-10 scheme like the later AVO 8s. Or am I maybe just imagining things?

Generally, I like a clear analogue meter for current measuring (it rarely needs to be hyper-accurate) and DMM for voltages but it's not hard and fast. I think the apparent resolution of DMMs can distract many folk from making a sensible value judgement on necessary accuracy, a good analogue meter gives a useful grounding here (so to speak!),

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