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Default Re: The end of physical media.

Originally Posted by Nuvistor View Post
Perhaps if supermarkets stop selling them it will give the smaller stores a chance or perhaps the sales will be from online shops.
I'd guess it takes quite a large town these days to support a music-based shop. Thinking again of the five new CDs I've bought lately, three were purchased directly from the artists - all pre-orders, one involving a larger financial contribution toward the making of the disc - one came direct from a small classical label, and only the fifth was from a - very well, the - major online retailer. I've no interest in streaming, and have now and again paid for a download but only when no physical release was available. Maybe all that marks me as part of a dying breed, then I wonder how many diehard vinyl purchasers in 1990 had any confidence that new releases would still be appearing on the medium thirty years later.
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