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Default Re: The end of physical media.

Originally Posted by merlinmaxwell View Post
There was an interesting discussion on the radio (4 or the Wold Service) that said the carbon impact of a CD is about 17 downloads. .
Not that I really fret about my 'carbon impact' but in times-past I accrued quite a collection [probably around 500] CDs which I probably only ever listened-to once or twice.... all now consigned to the great pile-of-junk-plastic because I was fed-up with storing the things.

[The CDs I liked I ripped to magnetic/solid-state media two decades ago]

I wonder - honestly - just how many times a particular CD/DVD actually gets listened-to/watched? Does anyone ever buy a movie on DVD or Blu-Ray and watch it more than a couple of times?

My local charity-shops now don't want donations of DVDs; nobody buys them and the charities then have to pay commercial rates for disposal.
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