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Default Re: B&O Capri 606 TV (17") restoration

We're getting somewhere now. The brightness needs to be adjusted upwards a bit (or the pot may be flaky) and presto I have a bright raster. Linearity is pretty bad, big spacing at the top, and the picture ends about midways where the lines are just on top of each other. I didn't replace any of the the Wicon film capacitors yet. I haven't touched the vertical linearity pot at all - this would correct spacing, but not move the image downwards as I understand.

The EHT is 13.5-14 kV.

About Rank-Arena: After they shut down, employees from the factory continued production in a new company at the same premises. The company name was 3F, "Folke Fjernsyns Fabrikken" (roughly: People's Television Factory), but it closed down a few years later. Here's a photo of their only TV I could find. Of course, it is not their own design, but derived from Tungsram.
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