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Default Re: B&O Capri 606 TV (17") restoration

Just thought I'd slightly update on the progress. It's been a while, where I sismply didn't have time to look further into it. I powered on the set using a Variac.

I can hear the high pitch horizontal running, along with the vertical (although it is rather loud).
All tube filaments are glowing, but there is no picture/brightness at all on the screen.
When turning off the set again, I do get a "raster", e.g. the image collapses, as the image normally does when powering off a TV.

I will try to measure the EHT using my PR-28A probe (work environment is too dark by now).
Anyone has a guess on what causes no picture/raster and only something visible when switching the set of again? Can this only be lack of EHT?
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