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Default Re: B&O Capri 606 TV (17") restoration

Hi German Dalek,

Very interesting to hear that you collect old Danish TVs - I would never have thought someone outside Denmark would be interested in that.

An EHT is on my wish list for christmas. Before I get one (or buy one), I'm not going any further.

Why is it important that the LOPTx should be designed for 110 deg versus using one for 90 deg? Wouldn't the differences fully be taken care of by the yoke?

The AT2023 isn't a production change. I talked to Ringsted Radiomuseum who has a Capri 607 17" in their collection. That would be a year younger than my 606. The 607 also has an AT2016/01.
Another reason why I can see it isn't original, is that a Jensen capacitor (1 uF) has been installed in the circuit. All other caps are otherise from Wicon.

In the coming week, I'll try to draw down a schematic of the modications that were made. Perhaps someone can help me figure out, if the modification is sane (or insane).
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