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Default Re: B&O Capri 606 TV (17") restoration

Hi Staticmind!
I am from Germany and have a huge collection of TV sets from Denmark!
They had awful lot of small companies producing radios and TVs.
That`s something what makes TVs from little Denmark very collectable.

But back to the line output transformer.
I am sure that the TV has worked with the new LOPT!
The 17", 21" and the 23" CRT have in your case the same angle!
That is importent! Don`t worry!
Sometimes you have to deal with production changes, so please
stay at first with that what you find, before you start to convert
the TV to the schematic version!
It is more importent to use high-quality caps, when valves are
tested, elytics are tested, you can try to fire it up with an variac.
Good luck!

German Dalek
And now something completly different:

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