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Default Re: B&O Capri 606 TV (17") restoration

Thanks for all the inputs on this.

Rich (slidertogrid). How would one go about modifying/decreasing the EHT? Reduce the anode voltage of PL36 by modifying the 1M and 1k resistors going to grid to something else (higher) ?
As the set is pretty rare, I'd like to get it working again at nearly any cost and time.

Wave solder. I definitely agree, but would like to understand the modifications first before going any further.

Lee (Hunts smoothing bomb) & dazzlevision: Got it confirmed a few days earlier also by a local radio guy - it is indeed the horizontal linearity - thanks!. Also - I already spent the money on the caps, and replaced what was needed, expect for in the LOPTx section.

Thanks for the tip. I actually looked at Philips TVs from the Netherlands and found that 17TX291A is not that rare of a sight. It seems to use the same parts in the LOPTx section - but again the mounting of the LOPTx is not the same as mine is mounted on PCB material using two screws, and the winding/taps are connected to solder lugs, while the one in the Philips TV connects to elsewhere using a socket. Might be the same mounting method, but who knows if the windings and wire colors are identical.

You mention data sheets for the AT LOPTx - do you know if these are available anywhere?
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