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Default Re: Did Brimar ever make any transistors?

This TP2 was probably the earliest Brimar junction transistor, when they also offered a point contact transistor. The price , at 40/- (2) is interesting also.
I attach an extract from the 1953 Brimar data handbook showig the transistors offered.
Brimar offered a full range of germanium and silicon transistors for TV and radio use during the 1960s.
The business was sold by STC to Thorn in 1960, who also in 1961 acquired the AEI valve and transistor business of Mazda and Ediswan. The first Ediswan transistors were the top hat style XC101/XA101/XA102 families, competing with the OC72/OC44 series of Mullard.
During the TV boom years, marketed as Brimar and Mazda, with Ediswan used for export.
By 1970 this business seems to have disappeared. It was the time of TV slump. Mullard and GEC combined to form Associated Semiconductors, based at Southampton I believe. Perhaps the Brimar/Mazda business went in there also.
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