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Default Re: Vintage Radios, TVs etc in films and on TV (NOT ANACHRONISMS)

Did anyone see the Save and Remade program yesterday, Monday 5th?

A complete 1950's Pye Black Box vandalised to make a hideous looking wall mounted wine rack.

My wife wondered at the "Oh no, you can't do that' which echoed around the living room.

It was apparently working except for the end of the cartridge turn over paddle that had broken off according to the owner.

Had they no idea that this model is collectable and fetch 80-150 on ebay? Even the bits they probably binned, a working BSR Monarch deck and valve amp would have been worth 60+.

Sad day; RIP that Pye Black Box.

Luckily mine will not go that way; I have a son who appreciates the value of these items, and when I'm gone it will be found a good home.
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