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Default Re: I found it! A very sorry looking MK14.

Oh, what a relief. So that's at least four built and working issue VIs we know about now, three among us here, and one elsewhere. Another one here imminent, hopefully.

All of Buz's original 2111s were dud, so he was on a hiding to nothing trying to get either of the machines working with those. Vicky is currently running with 4 * IM6561 RAMs, good job Slothie designed that ability in. He must have wondered, when he did, whether anyone would ever use it.

The supplier for the German-source AM9111s circuitryboy flagged up is telling me to expect them on Wednesday this week which will be pretty quick, if so. I'll test mine the moment they arrive and let everyone know whether they are OK.

Buz, don't forget your manual (Version 1?) describes the operation of the machine with the 'old' OS fitted. There is a .PDF of the V2 MK14 manual on Martin L's site here:-

..which describes the operation of the machine when the 'New' OS is fitted. It's a nice quality scan but be aware that page 88 - part of the 'Moon Landing' game listing - is missing. Really needs someone with the know-how to reinstate the relevant page from the V1 manual.
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