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Default Re: Grundig TK Tape Recorder Cabinet Plastic Mesh Replacement

Thanks David & thanks for the book... it arrived very safely .

I found that the material on the TK23 is not at all brittle, compared to the TK20 shell, which is similar to a cracker in strength! I was indeed lucky to find the TK23 and as Iím not really into 1/4 track I have it to my friend for parts. I guess boot sales are places to search for these vintage machines.

I finished restoring it but found that the speed slows down in playback after some time and Iím thinking that itís the 1.2uf motor cap. I have put a temporary cap made up of two values put together in parallel, one of which is new but the other came from a Revox G36 (a 0.5uf cap that was stuck to the original cap for some reason). Iím suspicious of it and have now ordered a 1.2uf cap and will fit it and see what happens. I donít want to stress the motor in case that old cap is leaky when it gets going.

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