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Default Re: The end of physical media.

I also like physical media, for one is something that cannot be easily deleted or have its servers turned off.
Also I find it's a good way to support an artist whilst at the same time getting something special, plus I think a download doesn't necessarily properly represent the hard work and effort that went into making the music/film.

Like probably a lot of people here all CD's do get ripped on to the computer (using WMA lossless) as for work and on the go it's naturally easier to have a box of sounds than loads of CD's, plus looking for a song in WMP is far easier than trying to search for CD that could be anywhere!

I see some parallels here in the world of synthesisers and effects units, yes a VST/plugin may be easier and in a lo of cases cheaper nothing replaces having the real hardware right in front of you, something companies like Behringer are very much finding out.
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