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Default Re: Television magazine 1932 33

Originally Posted by Pfraser View Post
Is there a possibility that prints of this film found their way into media libraries overseas? Broadcast organisations and specialist collections. I'm reminded of how old BBC programmes, long thought gone for good, have turned up abroad. It might be worthwhile doing whatever the BBC or enthusiasts' groups do to track down old material.
You would think so ,i only know it was shown at a few theatres in the Uk in 32 very little apart from one clipping photo posted so far on the film at this time in the papers .
Till we get to double check the old Uk Television Magazines with the information Chris Long has viewed them in the past but didn't scan the information we are in lock down so can't check at this time .
Even knowing which theatres it was shown in are not known yet or what the hell the films name was till we get to see the magazines again at the state library !
Its a very interesting time this was all done its such a pity its gone missing/
1932 is the Year it was shown any one have any magazines from this year should check them for details .
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