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Default Re: Television magazine 1932 33

Yes very interesting info there! I had a similar problem with magazines of the same name but different origins, when doing some research into Practical Television magazine and it's emergence from Practical Wireless [Dave M post 5*] When in the South, I am living a few hundred yards away from where JLB died in 1946 [after living in Bexhill for seven years]. They knocked down "Baird Court" his house next to the station in Sea Road several years ago and replaced the overall area with two huge blocks of flats which, with some prodding, were named Baird and Helensborough [where he's buried!]. There's a plaque as well. Ian Baird's father wrote to the Bexhill Observer on at least one occasion during the development phase and I think his son came to Bexhill for the opening [from the Bradford Film and Television Museum]. Despite all this, it's hard to get the locals interested in JLB wheras Hastings has a different attitude, despite him only being there for a short while in 1922 and blowing up the Shopping Arcade! There were one or two people still living in the immediate area and a gentleman appeared in a BBC Documentary who had worked for JLB. He might have known about the film if asked. I suspect they must be all long gone now though. I will keep a look out myself. A local "high end" auction a few years back turned up an obscure, very limited, piece of equipment that had apparently been in the Baird Workshop in the thirties.

Dave W

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