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Default Re: Radio Rentals model 62 (1948)

Originally Posted by thermionic View Post
.....each to their own, as you say, but as those boxed electrolytics are so unique, I would have been very tempted to re stuff these and put them back.

A lovely set, and well done for saving it!


Me too !

The fact that they were specially marked for "Radio Rentals", makes them special.... The "TCC" and "Hunts" 'waxies', much less so.
Unfortunately both my RR number 58 and number 60 receivers which have similar H.T. filtering arrangements, have had their 'cardboard' cased capacitors removed and replaced by modern axial type electrolytic's by a previous owner. Such a shame !
If you live, the chassis was dead; if you're dead, the chassis was live !!!!
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