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Default Radio Rentals model 62 (1948)

I spotted this at my local car boot and I couldn’t say no at the asking price of a fiver. There was some damage with a little bit of Bakelite missing on the back of one of the sides, but it actually doesn’t notice too much.
I have to say this is by far the easiest radio I’ve come across in removing the chassis. Just two large screws on the back and everything slides out including the loudspeaker, I didn’t even have to take the knobs off.
The whole assembly can be turned upside-down and sits perfectly to service.
Very little had been done to it, just a couple of electrolytic capacitors and these looked as if they were done a very long time ago, they read ok, so I left them.
I replaced all the wax caps and the two remaining electrolytic capacitors that were housed in unusual “cardboard” type boxes, these were leaking wax. There’re rather nice so I’ve kept one for interest value.
It doesn’t have a wired-in mains lead but takes exactly the same plug use on Bush Dac 90.
I powered it up and it worked really well, good volume and picking loads of stations on all 3 wave bands and no annoying hum. But I was getting buzzing from the speaker with anything with some bass. The outer rim of the cone had become detached from the speaker frame. This was easily sorted out with impact adhesive, good job the speaker didn’t need replacing as its spot welded to a bracket that is riveted to the chassis, a near on impossible job to remove it.
A spray of servisol contact cleaner sorted out the crackle from the volume and tone controls.
I gave the cabinet a good polish and repainted the gold line that was flaking off. This immediately improved the sets appearance considerably.
It’s a nice radio with a lovely tone, no doubt helped by its decent sized speaker. The only thing I’m a little disappointed in, is the tuning scale doesn’t light up. This version is designed that way, there is a bulb, but it’s only function it so illuminate a red spot at the top of the scale to show the set is on! So not a radio to sit in a dark corner. Though saying that, I have seen photos of the same model were the scale is illuminated!
I've been playing music via my ipod through "gram" socket and very nice sounds comes out.
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