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Default Re: Radio & TV books Volume No's confusion

Originally Posted by Top Cap View Post
This is a link to my own Index, no info on the other odd series from the 1950's.
The thing is that there were more than half a dozen 'odd' volume sets ie, sets which don't correspond directly to Wainwright's index. The difficulty is that as time went on early models were progressively dropped from publication. For example the 1959 seven volume set has only two volumes covering pre-1953 models. However, the remaining five volumes of the set correspond directly to the year books from 1953-4 on. The upshot is that full model coverage can only be guaranteed if one has access to the two early sets used by Wainwright plus the succeeding year books in whatever form regardless of what is printed on the spine of a particular book. Hope this and the three Rules add some clarity.

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